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Medieval Painting - Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry


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Les Tres Riches Heures was painted by the Lumbourg brothers , Paul , Hermann and Jean . They came from Nijmegen in what is now the Netherlands but were generally referred to as Germans . Very little is known about them ; they are believed to have been born in the late 1370s or 1380s and were born into an artistic family , their father being a wood sculptor and their uncle being an artist working variously for the French Queen and for the Duc de Bourgogne . They seem to have followed in their uncle`s footsteps and by 1402 had entered into the service of the Duc de Bourgogne as artists . By 1408 they had entered the service of Jean , Duc de Berry , one of the most notable art lovers in France . They are known to have executed several other pieces of work apart from the Tres Riches Heures but most of these , with the major exception of the Tres Belles Heures , seem to have been lost . In around February 1416 all three Limbourg brothers died before the age of thirty , apparently killed by an epidemic .The Tres Riches Heures is the classic example of a medieval book of hours . This was a collection of the text for each liturgical hour of the day . Calendars , prayers , psalms and masses for certain holy days were commonly included . The pictures in this video are from the calendar section of the Tres Riches Heures . The Limbourgs used a wide variety of colours obtained from minerals , plants or chemicals and mixed with either arabic or tragacinth gum to provide a binder for the paint . Amongst the more unusual colours they used were vert de flambe , a green obtained from crushed flowers mixed with massicot , and azur d`outreme , an ultramarine made from crushed Middle Eastern lapis-lazuli , used to paint the brilliant blues. The pictures was painted some time between 1412 and 1416 and is arguably the most beautiful part of the manuscript ; it is certainly the best known , being on of the great art treasures of France ... Music - Vox Vulgaris - Saltarello 3...........

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Ilusionismo Quadrilátero


* Victor Nogueira .
Ele há um tempo p’ra tudo na vida
Cantando hora, minuto, segundo;
Por isso sempre existe uma saída
Enquanto nós estivermos neste mundo.
Há um tempo para não fenecer
Há mar, sol, luar e aves com astros
Há uma hora p'ra amar ou morrer
E tempo para não se ficar de rastos.
P'ra isso e' preciso sabedoria
Em busca dum bom momento, oportuno,
Com ar, bom vinho, pão e cantoria,
Sem se confundir a nuvem com Juno.
1991.08.11 - SETUBAL