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O Gerente da Noite - John Le Carré

John Le Carré - O Gerente Noturno

Jonathan Pine, gerente de um hotel em Zurique, aceita o alistamento como agente secreto para desmascarar o assassino da mulher que ele mesmo traiu. Sua missão o leva a vários lugares do mundo até Washington, onde se encontra o coração da aliança entre a comunidade dos serviços de informação e o comércio secreto de armas.

Titulo Original:  The Night Manager  
Ano de Publicação Original:   1993  
Editora: Record      
Número de Páginas: 511   
Origem:  Nacional   
ISBN: 8501041025   

John Le Carré
editora: Circulo do Livro
ano: 1993
estante: Livros Raros
descrição: 672 páginas. Numa noite de neve forte, em janeiro de 1991, o inglês Jonathan Pine, gerente noturno do Hotel Meister Palace, em Zurique, deixou seu escritório, atrás do balcão da recepção, e, tomado por sentimentos que nunca experimentara antes, assumiu sua posição no lobby, como prelúdio à apresentação das boas-vindas de seu hotel a um retardatário ilustre. Havia começado a guerra do Golfo. Durante o dia, as notícias dos bombardeios aliados, transmitidas discretamente pelo pessoal, haviam provocado consternação na bolsa de valores de Zurique. As reservas dos hotéis, que em qualquer mês de janeiro eram fracas, haviam caído a níveis criticos. Mais uma vez em sua longa história, a Suíça estava sitiada; Mas o Meister Palace encontrava-se à altura do desafio; Livro de capa dura .

At a glance:

Leaving Cold War tensions behind, John le Carre creates a memorable novel in which adventure, romance, and moral ambiguity become intertwined. In Cairo, soldier-turned-hotelier Jonathan Pine falls in love with the mysterious Sophie, who has stolen documents about Richard Onslow Roper’s arms dealing from her wealthy playboy lover.
Jonathan’s foolish patriotism leads to Sophie’s exposure and murder. Moving to Zurich, he decides to destroy Roper after the arrogant master criminal becomes a guest in the hotel where he is now employed.
A complicated series of maneuvers involving a series of fake identities leads him inside Roper’s Caribbean enclave. There, the almost fatally romantic Jonathan falls in love with Jed, Roper’s mistress. Meanwhile, Leonard Burr, the spy in charge of the Roper operation, attempts to protect his agent from the effects of the political infighting in the higher echelons of British intelligence. When Jonathan is eventually betrayed to Roper, Burr must decide between capturing the arms dealer and saving his agent.
As in THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL (1983) and THE RUSSIA HOUSE (1989), le Carre seems almost as interested in his protagonist’s love life as in espionage. This side of THE NIGHT MANAGER often threatens to topple the novel into mediocrity, but le Carre rights himself whenever he turns to the bureaucratic machinations back at Whitehall, which recall the Smiley novels at their best.

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The Night Manager

In the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington an unholy alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. Jonathan Pine is ready to stand up and be counted in the fight against this ultimate heart of darkness. His mission takes him from the cliffs of west Cornwall, via northern Quebec and the Caribbean, to the jungles of…
In the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington an unholy alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. Jonathan Pine is ready to stand up and be counted in the fight against this ultimate heart of darkness. His mission takes him from the cliffs of west Cornwall, via northern Quebec and the Caribbean, to the jungles of post-Noriega Panama. His quarry is the worst man in the world.
“A marvellously observed relentless tale”
The Observer
“le Carré is the equal of any novelist now writing in English”
The Guardian
“A story complex and intense enough to carry both the philosophical weight and the page-turning tension that, combined, make him the supreme tale-teller he is”
San Francisco Chronicle

Brad Pitt nabs The Night Manager

But he’s just producing the Le Carre pic for now…
By Total Film | Mar 17th 2009
Paramount and Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company have grabbed the rights to John Le Carre’s spy thriller The Night Manager.

The story finds the titular hotel employee recruited by intelligence types to help take down a dangerous international arms dealer.

So, not that different from the average night at your local Travelodge, then.

Former spy Robert Edwards has been hired to adapt the book following his work writing and directing 2006’s satirical Land Of The Blind.

And Le Carre fans will be following this one closely – it’s one of his best-loved books.

[Source: Variety]

Read more: Brad Pitt nabs The Night Manager | TotalFilm.com 


Brad Pitt's Plan B to Produce Night Manager Brad Pitt and his Plan B shingle will produce a feature film version of The Night Manager.
A novel about the night manager of a European hotel who is recruited by intelligence agents in order to penetrate a network of international arms dealers. It has not been determined if Pitt will star in the film.
The book was written by John Le Carre, whose book was the source material for The Constant Gardener. Paramount has acquired the book's rights. Robert Edwards, who wrote and directed Land of the Blind, will adapt the script. He is a prime candidate for the task, as he served as an intelligence officer in the Gulf War.
In other Pitt-related news, the actor will star with Natalie Portman in a film based on the recently published book, Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Fashion and Jewelry.
Paramount won an auction for the rights to the book. Plan B and Portman's Handsomecharlie Films will both produce the film. The film will be developed as a romantic comedy, with Pitt playing Morris, a photographer, and Portman playing Doolan, a New York Times food columnist. It will follow the couple as they reveal the rise and fall of their four year courtship through a Sotheby's-like auction of their estate items, including photographs.

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* Victor Nogueira .
Ele há um tempo p’ra tudo na vida
Cantando hora, minuto, segundo;
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Há um tempo para não fenecer
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